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4 Instant Coffee Choices That Don’t Taste Terrible

instant coffee

Imagine being able to bring delicious tasting coffee with you on an airplane, when you go camping, or even just to the office each day, without the aid of a coffee maker or a barista? It could be life changing. Unfortunately, most instant coffees to-date have been instant crap. But that could all change thanks to a few startups who are trying to buck that stereotype.

sudden coffee instant
Sudden Coffee tubes

It can be tough to go against incumbents like Folders, Nescafe, Mount Hagen, or Starbucks so these new small companies are first focusing on making really good coffee; and second, make it happen in an instant.

Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee delivers its new blend in unique tubes–which can also double as coffee stirrers. It’s a monthly subscription plan so you’re committing to at least $8/month. Sudden Coffee does offer a free sample so you can try before you buy.

Swift Cup

Swift Cup is ‘single purchase’ packs of 6 cups, which works out to around $2-$3 per cup, depending on the flavor you choose.

Voila Coffee

Throwing it all on the table, Voila Coffee claims to the be the “world’s best instant coffee.” While taste is relative, they back up that claim with testimonials from legit coffee people like the head of quality assurance at Stumptown who says, “… It’s the best in the field I’ve had…”.

Go Cubes

For those times when you’d rather have your coffee delivered as a solid versus liquid. In that case, check out Go Cubes which promise half a cup of coffee in each cube. It looks like a gummy cube, tastes kinda like a gummy cube, and gets the job done in terms of pep.

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The Best Travel Cases For Electronics For Under $50

You probably carry a bunch of electronic devices with you when you travel, but do you have a really good way to carry all the cables and chargers that go with those devices?

Almost everyone uses a toiletries bag to keep their personal care goodies organized when they travel – why shouldn’t we have the same for our electronic gadgets?

3 Key Features of a Tech Travel Organizer

After putting several electronics bags through the wringer over the years, here are the three main factors I consider when evaluating a tech travel case:

  1. Size: The size should be wide enough for your laptop charger, but not so bulky that you can’t fit it in your backpack or purse.
  2. Versatility: Make sure that there are enough pockets and straps to suit all of your gadgets, laid out in a way that will work for different cables and devices as your electronics change over the years.
  3. Price: If you want to throw down, that’s your prerogative, but, in the end, this is a bag for cables and small electronics. There are plenty of good-looking options for under $50.

Here are four the best options I’ve found – all of which meet the criteria above.

Bellroy Classic Pouch – $49

The curved nature of this “pouch” makes it feel smaller than it actually is, but still holds a bunch of cables and chargers–including being long enough to hold an Apple Pencil.

Aer Cable Kit – $45

With a book-like opening on one side and an open compartment on the other, Aer hits a lot of the needs for organization while remaining thin and manageable. The Cable Kit also has a handle, so you can use it stand-alone, if that’s all you want to carry.

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer – $49.95

The Nylon Accessory Organizer is similar to Aer’s Cable Kit with a book-like opening, but provides a few more pockets, straps, and internal organization options.

There’s a very similar Incase Travel Organizer which is $10 cheaper if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

Topo Designs Accessory Bags – $19

This bag is just that, a single pocket bag. While it’s not the best option for a lot of situations, it’s flexibility allows it to be useful far into the future. It’s also stylish, well constructed, and provides plenty of space.

Throw in some cables, cards, chap stick, coins, adapters, and then throw it in your bag. Sometimes it’s freeing just putting miscellaneous items in a place to keep them from floating around.