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Why It’s Okay If You Hated Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

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Even if you loved the new Avengers: Infinity War movie, let’s admit that it wasn’t the perfect film and there are reasons that some people might not have liked it.

There were a lot of characters and very few were explained

Featuring all (or most) of the characters from Marvel’s comic book universe is a rad idea and, for every person that saw all of the movies leading up to this point, it paid off in a big way. Unfortunately, those who didn’t hand over hundreds of dollars to Disney for that pleasure could quickly become less in the loop as the movie plays out.

There just isn’t enough time to explain each character’s backstory – that was the purpose of their individual movies. But needing to see each of those is a bit crazy. Seriously though, who is Vision and what other movie was he in?

Two part movies suck, every single time

Infinity War did a fine job handling part one of a long story split into two parts, but, in the end, it means you still need to see two movies instead of one to get the whole thing. There’s a semi-ending, so you shouldn’t be angry over a full-on cliffhanger, but [redacted] sitting [redacted] shouldn’t be fooling anyone.

Even if you discount corporate greed and assume a movie with a big cast and a long narrative needs four plus hours to tell its story, cutting it into two parts means that not every single person who saw part one will see part two. Those people don’t get the whole story and that’s a shame.

Was it a actually a funny movie?

Thor: Ragnarok is a good example of a movie littered with quick, throwaway joke after throwaway joke. There was enough “quick wit” that I thought it was pretty hilarious the first time around, but after a second viewing, those jabs didn’t have the same weight behind them and felt like the movie lacked substance. Infinity War felt similar with the way characters were introduced through thinly veiled wit, instead of genuinely funny parts.

Here’s the deal

In theory, Avengers: Infinity War is less of a traditional summer blockbuster and more of a Hollywood experiment in fan loyalty–one which could have easily backfired, but didn’t.

The premise that you can put a double-digit number of A-list movie stars in a single (two parts, of course) film and have enough time to make their roles more than just cameos, is pretty much impossible; so Infinity War requires that moviegoers invest in all (or most) of the stars’ individual movies proceeding this film.

If you’ve been following along from the beginning, great, this movie was made for you. Enjoy it. If you haven’t followed the super hero scene too closely over the years, however, don’t worry about not liking Infinity War. As an individual movie, it was just fine.