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The Best Episode Of The Office Explained

After binge-watching The Office, what’s that one episode that sticks out as both incredibly cringe-worthy, but also extremely hilarious? It has to be The Dinner Party.

 Jim and Pam try dodging Michael’s dinner requests over a subtle, several-episode arc, but the inevitable happens and the awkwardness culminates with Pam, Jim, Andy, Angela, Michael, Jan, and surprise guests trying to have a civil dinner together.

As part of the episode hitting its 10-year anniversary, Rolling Stone interviewed the cast and dug into one of the most beloved and cringe-worthy episodes in The Office’s history.

The episode is a crucible for the various relationships on the show,” says Ed Helms, who played Andy Bernard. “It’s a tight, contained space where so many relationship issues are bubbling around between Jim and Pam, Andy and Angela, Michael and Jan. It’s that pressure-cooker aspect that heightens everything, plus the decorum of the dinner party, the sort of need to rise to a different sort of social construct, as opposed to just being co-workers in an office space. It’s just a boiling-hot crucible of comedy.

Carve out some time to give the whole episode history a read.