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A Crash Course In Need-To-Know YouTubers Of 2018

Here’s your crash course in 12 YouTubers you should know. Whether they’ve been making waves in 2018 or are positioned to make this year their break out moment, you’ll want to take note.

Established players

Roman Atwood: Initially known for YouTube prank videos, but turned into a family vlogger. In addition to the more mundane daily vlogs, Atwood tends to have a bunch of big and elaborate videos throughout the year. Last year he borrowed an actual monster truck and smashed another car with it.

2018: Roman proposed to his longtime girlfriend, which is a huge milestone in his story publicly playing out in videos.

Jake/Logan Paul: We’ll group these two together, even if they’re not officially making videos as a pair. Both live in crazy big LA homes and have come to define the crazy Gen Z, dabbing, doing it for the views, lifestyle.

2018: Logan Paul keeps finding ways to be insensitive. His video with a suicide victim also rocked YouTube’s grasp on allowable content. Jake Paul’s Team 10 is faltering and quickly changing.

Casey Neistat: Casey has been one of the most prolific YouTubers and one of the first to really kickstart the daily vlogging craze and give it a level of professionalism. Beyond YouTube, he’s had a HBO show, done commercials for Samsung, and sold an app to CNN.

2018: After leaving CNN, he restarted his famous daily vlogs in a series called 368 which is centered around his new building on 368 Broadway in New York.

The new class of well-known names

Tyler Blevins (Ninja): He’s a Twitch/YouTuber gamer and essentially the face of Fortnite Battle Royale. He may have a staggering 12 million subscribers as of May 2018, but part of the craze has been his sudden explosion since mid 2017.

2018: His popularity gained a huge boost from playing Fornite with Drake. Since then there’s been even more collaborations.

Poppy: If you aren’t familiar with Poppy, her music or her persona, you should take a quick look because it speaks clearer than descriptive words. That said, the unique music and style has resonated with a large audience.

2018: As concisely as possible, Poppy and her boyfriend, Titanic Sinclair are being sued by former collaborator Mars Argo for copyright infringement. It gets more complicated because there’s also an element of abuse which both side are claiming.

Collins Key: From performing magic on America’s Got Talent to YouTuber, Collins has a fun story. A lot of his recent videos are geared towards younger fans and focus around DIY and challenges.

2018: Collins is opening the Vidcon main stage along with Marshmallow and Liza Koshy. If you didn’t know his name before Vidcon, there’s a good chance you will afterwards. Collins really bridges the gap between upcoming and established names. How many up-and-coming creators also have 11 million+ subscribers?

Up and coming creators in 2018

DSharp: DSharp’s channel is straightforward, yet very unique. How many DJ violinists do you know? His covers give each familiar song a different twist and sets him apart from other musicians out there. His recent cover of Post Malone’s “Rockstar” took off with nearly 4 million views. He’s being rewarded as well, just hitting that million subscribers milestone.

Dan Mace: Originally from South Africa, Dan moved to New York to help Casey Neistat shoot his new daily vlog series but is now releasing his own videos. You can see the cross of styles between the two in his new videos.

Slice and Rice: The couple’s tagline is, “He got the slice, she got the rice” which says a lot about what to expect from their channel. The power couple often use their experiences growing up to introduce the other one to new things. The hilarious duo have grown nearly 100k subscribers in the last year and are growing rapidly, continuing to up the relationship goals.

Peter Mckinnon: Sure, Peter has 2 million subscribers, but he’s done it in less than three years. You’ve probably come across his videos naturally if you’re into photography and cinematography at all. If that’s not the crowd you follow, don’t worry, this channel could still teach you some new shooting techniques and potentially help you get some crazy good pictures yourself.

Rahmel Dockery: Rahmel makes videos for his channel based on motivating people to chase their football dreams. He also is bringing people on his own journey as he tries to  play in the NFL.