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Productivity Overload: Must See Notebooks, Pens, And Organization

These are the best options for people looking for new notebooks, pens, or organizational items to elevate their productivity. You could find a pen anywhere, but after you’ve used a finely crafted writing instrument, it’s hard to go back to any old Bic.


  • Baron Fig’s Squire Pen is an excellent pen which is perfectly balanced, weighted, and neat looking. There’s also a click-button version of the Squire which runs a little bit cheaper, but doesn’t quite have the same look.
  • Squire may be a classic in the making, but the Fisher Space Pen is already a classic and hard to beat for that study, go-to pen. It even writes upside down (obligatory  Seinfeld reference).


  • Despite Moleskine’s long history, Field Notes has become the first thought in personal carry notebooks. In addition to quality pages, the quarterly themes are a fun way to mix things up. The current space notebooks are especially exciting.
  • Rhodia is constantly heralded as one of the highest quality paper notebooks. Like all the other competitors, Rhodia offers a variety of size and styles, but the classics shine for a reason.
  • For a hardcover, lay-flat option, Baron Fig has the Confidant. Available in multiple size, the Confidant is a great hardcover option for a reasonable price.


  • In terms of desk items, Baron Fig’s Mastermind is a neat way to keep your notes in front of you. They also offer an alternative to Sticky Notes with the Nomad. It comes in a graph option as well.
  • Got a lot of cables laying on your desk? Check out Bluelounge’s CableDrop Multi for a sensible solution.
  • Bellroy has a really nice leather notebook case which also fits a tablet, business cards, and a few miscellaneous items. If you’d rather something simpler, Bellroy’s Pencil Case is also handy for collecting your items.