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Microsoft Goes Smaller And Cheaper With Surface Go

In a move that surprises almost no one, Microsoft introduced a new, cheaper, Surface computer. Called Surface Go, Microsoft’s 10-inch tablet is aiming to get in front of price-aware purchasers and shoves a full-fledged PC into a smaller form factor. The Surface Go starts at $399, but doesn’t include the keyboard, which arguably helps define Surface computers.

Microsoft has been a maker of tablets and personal computers longer than almost any other company. It had Windows running on a tablet before Apple, and yet, it’s Apple’s iPad that comes to mind when people think of a tablet. The Surface Go is Microsoft’s attempt to have a cheaper and more portable offering.

Surface computers has been very popular to-date in the Windows market. It only makes sense then that Microsoft continue to expand that line of devices to offer different sizes and price points. The interesting consideration, however, is that Chromebooks and the basic iPad are not in danger of being cannibalized. The Surface Go is more of a full laptop, just in a smaller size.

The real play for this new addition to the Surface line, I think, is the cheaper introduction price for people who wanted to buy a Surface all along, but couldn’t. Even with the keyboard and upgraded specs, you’re looking at a computer that starts around $650, rather than $800 as the Pro does. It might not seem like a big price difference, but if an office has a $700 cap on new Windows computers to purchase employees, it can make the difference on whether they choose a Surface or not.

After all, the tag line Microsoft is using on its website for the new product is, “Surface Go for business.”

Is this computer tempting for you?