iPhone X Genuine Leather Case

$39.99 $23.99

  • Genuine Leather – Leather from America is comfortable and soft to the touch, protecting the phone in style
  • Individual metal buttons – Anodized aluminum buttons are non-corrosive with a satisfying tactile feedback
  • Perfect fit & Wireless Charging – Wireless charging compatible with optimal protection and minimal bulkiness
  • Screen & Camera protection – Protects the screen and camera when laid on flat surface
  • Microfiber lining – Soft interior prevents scratches when taking the phone in or out


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Everyone wants a simple, fashionable case that can also protect their beloved iPhone X from day-to-day use. The Xcentz iPhone X Leather Case boasts the same looks and features of those in Apple stores, but does so for a fraction of the price.


Charge your iPhone X wirelessly without removing the case. All Qi chargers are compatible and the leather case protects against scratches while continually setting the phone on all surfaces.


Quality Not Quantity


For us, it’s not about creating hundreds of different products, it’s about making the few devices that we depend on every day, truly outstanding.


From the first use, Xcentz iPhone X Leather Case protects your phone with microfiber lining and wraps it tight in genuine leather to keep it secure through daily use.




iPhone X


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