How do I know what type of USB connector I need?
  • There are 3 types of most commonly used USB connectors: Micro-USB, Type-C, and Apple lightning connector.
  • USB insertion depends on how the USB port is faced. USB Micro/C/Lightning (male) connects to device while USB-A (male) connects to charger and ports.
  • Below you can see the difference of a Micro-USB, Apple lightning cable, and Type C (From Left to Right)

How do I know my USB voltage output?

xcentz xSuperfly & xSuperfly Plus cables are all USB 2.0 compliant, capable of delivering up to 500mA (0.5A)

My USB cable is not charging?
  • USB Pins: check rst to see if the USB pins are damaged. Normally all pins should not be deformed; while intact, should charge and connect.
  • USB Socket: verify the socket to see if it has been bent in different angle. Forcing the USB to insert into any ports would result the socket to bend.
  • Cable: Make sure there is no liquid breaching through the cable or any wires coming out, this could cause the cable to short circuit.
  • USB software connection/transfer (Computer Only): verify to see if your computer was able to identify the connection from your device. Normally for Windows, you can see the icon from the bottom right corner that would automatically install the USB driver. If there is no display on the USB automatically installed, you can try re-plugging the USB into the port again to verify. If this method does not work, for Windows, click on PC/My Computer, then on top left section go to device manager to see if the portable device has been identi ed. If the portable universal serial bus only shows Android/iOS device, please go online to your phone’s product page to see if there are any more drivers needed to be installed.
When plugging into the PC, it says “USB Device Not Recognized”. Why is that and what should I do?
  • This is one of the most common errors that can occur. There might be a few steps you need to take to resolve the issue:
  • A. Completely power off – shutdown your PC and unplug the power supply for a few seconds, plug back and turn on the PC, see if the issue still persists.
  • B. Uninstall the driver – Go to “Start” > Right-click “Settings” > Type “Device Manager” into the search bar and look for “Universal Serial Bus controllers” in the opened window, look for the entry with a yellow ag, named “Unknown device”. > Double click “Unknown device” > Choose “Driver” tab > Click “Uninstall”.
  • C. Update the driver – Ensure Windows is updated to the latest version rst. Make sure you have internet connection. Got to “Start” > Right-click “Settings” > Type “Check for updates” > Right-click “Check for Updates” and follow the instructions. After updating the windows, if the issue is still present, now update/ install the USB driver. Go to “Start” > Right-click “Settings” > Type “Device Manager” into the search bar and look for “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” in the opened window, look for the entry with a yellow ag, named “Unknown device” > Double click “Install driver” or “Update driver”, and follow the instructions.
  • D. Try using a different PC, with the latest Windows version and drivers installed.
I did XXX to my cable and now it’s not working
  • We are sorry to hear that. You can send us some photos and briefly describe the condition of your USB cable to us through our support page. We will do our best to solve this problem for you before you throw it away.
How long does my warranty last?
  • Lifetime Warranty for all xcentz cables.
Where can I send my cable if this qualifies for in-warranty defect?

You can send to us at:
xcentz Support
10188 Telesis Ct Suite 550
San Diego, CA 92121

Can I switch my product with another color?
  • Yes, you can. Head over to xcentz support page and fill in the refund & exchange submission form.
My USB cable was a gift; does it still have lifetime warranty?
  • Yes, it does. If it was purchased through our o cial channels (xcentz.com or Amazon.com).
Does xcentz share my information to other parties?
  • xcentz will not sell or trade your personal information to any third parties. All your information will stay con dential. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details.
Does lifetime warranty apply to all xcentz products?
  • At the moment, we currently only support lifetime warranty for USB cables. Stay tuned as we expand into more product categories.
Where can I reach out to xcentz?

Phone: 833-606-5588
Email: support@xcentz.com
Website: xcentz.com
Time: Any time!

I canceled my order but haven’t received a refund yet.
  • Normally the refund transaction process will take up to 10 business days. However, if you have not received the payment confrmation, please do let us know through email or the live chat icon on our website.

Email Title: Order # Refund
Message: Dude, where’s my money!? Request was approved 10 days ago!


What isn’t covered by the warranty?
  • Lost or stolen items
  • Purchases from unauthorized dealerships
  • Purchases exceeding the 18-month warranty (Exception for all USB cables, which have a lifetime warranty)
Who are authorized xcentz sellers?
  • As of right now, xcentz products are available only through our website and Amazon.com, please see the o cial xcentz store. If purchased on any other website, the devices will not be covered by xcentz warranty.
What is a Proof of Purchase?
What do I need to do to exchanges my defective product?

You can email us at support@xcentz.com, call us at (833) 606-5588, contact us through the live chat on www.xcentz.com or submit a refund & exchange form on our support page.

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