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All The Ways To Get Into 3D Printing

3D printing was supposed to revolutionized consumerism with the ability to make a lot of products you want, right in your home. Even though it hasn’t fully happened, it’s still incredibly useful. It can feel a bit like magic with the ability to create something from nothing. The way 3D printers actually work; a printing machine take a spoil of material (most likely plastic) and heats it up and spits it out quickly. The plastic is layered on top of itself, building something three-dimensional.

Here are some different ways to explore 3D printing and its benefits.

Home 3D printer

The first and most obvious option for getting into 3D printing is to buy a consumer-level printer. You can find 3D printers for a few hundred dollars, but for better quality the price will be closer to $1,500.

The Wirecutter recommends Monoprice’s Maker Select 3D Printer v2 on the low end, which comes in at $299. On the more expensive side, Tiertime UP mini 2 comes in around $600.

These printers can be a fun way to make toys for kids or create random parts at any time.

3D print yourself

For the person that has everything, there’s always the option to have a real person turned into an action figure. Over the years there have been quite a few studios pop-up which will shoot a 360-degree photo and turn it into 3D figure.

There are even options to take a regular photo and turn it into a 3D figure. Most of the options below will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s also likely to be one of the most unique gifts you give someone. Try Doob 3D and Holo Deck Heads, but be warned, they are cheap.


The 3Doodler is more of a toy than a practical 3D printing option. It works like a hot glue gun and melts plastic as you create a 2D or 3D object. While it comes with a few patterns to trace, actually creating something useful may be a bit of a trick. It is fun to feel like you’re drawing and have that drawing come to life as a multi-dimensional object.

Don’t do it yourself

If you like the idea of 3D printing, but are not ready to invest in the hardware yet, you can still benefit. Shapeways and Thingiverse provide designs that you can buy or download. If you’d like to try your hand at printing yourself, you can download a design from Thingiverse and take it to your local library. Or, if you just need a specialty part, you can buy it from Shapeways and get it printed for you. Either way, people are creating some unique and fascinating objects.

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Microsoft Goes Smaller And Cheaper With Surface Go

In a move that surprises almost no one, Microsoft introduced a new, cheaper, Surface computer. Called Surface Go, Microsoft’s 10-inch tablet is aiming to get in front of price-aware purchasers and shoves a full-fledged PC into a smaller form factor. The Surface Go starts at $399, but doesn’t include the keyboard, which arguably helps define Surface computers.

Microsoft has been a maker of tablets and personal computers longer than almost any other company. It had Windows running on a tablet before Apple, and yet, it’s Apple’s iPad that comes to mind when people think of a tablet. The Surface Go is Microsoft’s attempt to have a cheaper and more portable offering.

Surface computers has been very popular to-date in the Windows market. It only makes sense then that Microsoft continue to expand that line of devices to offer different sizes and price points. The interesting consideration, however, is that Chromebooks and the basic iPad are not in danger of being cannibalized. The Surface Go is more of a full laptop, just in a smaller size.

The real play for this new addition to the Surface line, I think, is the cheaper introduction price for people who wanted to buy a Surface all along, but couldn’t. Even with the keyboard and upgraded specs, you’re looking at a computer that starts around $650, rather than $800 as the Pro does. It might not seem like a big price difference, but if an office has a $700 cap on new Windows computers to purchase employees, it can make the difference on whether they choose a Surface or not.

After all, the tag line Microsoft is using on its website for the new product is, “Surface Go for business.”

Is this computer tempting for you?



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6 Apps You Need To Try This Week

Each week, The Digital Hype takes a look at some of the hottest and trending apps you should know about. This week includes a couple music related apps along with screen sharing and a text utility. Let us know your favorite iOS or Android apps in the comment section.

Find on Apple Music

Not a mobile, Find on Apple Music is a Chrome app (extension) which will simplify your life. Using it from a desktop, you’ll be able to right click, or search a page for an easy link to open a song in Apple Music.


Specifically for Android, Wandle will try and help curb notifications during unwanted times. From the website, “Wandle determines when you’re in a meeting, driving or sleeping, and blocks notifications, messages and calls at this time.” It’s like a smarter and more robust Do Not Disturb mode for you to configure.

Text Case

Text Case is a simple, dedicated utility that will change text to different cases–title case for example. It seems a little too simple until you run into a time you need it. Simple apps often become people’s favorite.

Can’t Sleep

Here’s an app to help you get to sleep faster. Can’t Sleep plays music, specifically aimed at helping you fall asleep faster and more easily. If you already can’t sleep, there’s no harm in trying another app.


Gigroad has been described as the AirBnB of live shows. It lets you set up a show nearly anywhere, including a living room, backyard, or other venues that aren’t typically venues.

Droid Cast

iOS has AirPlay which makes screen sharing to an Apple TV very easy. Android devices don’t have the same standard option and so Droid Cast is looking to fill the gap and make it as easy as possible.

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Elevate 4 Areas Of Your Life With These Top Accessories

Here at The Digital Hype we’re always looking for the best accessories and items to improve the everyday. These rad products have been carefully picked for different areas you might need them–and are some of the best available.


One of the coolest Apple Watch stands available is the computer from Elago. Elago has a few designs available, plus the dock works well, looks great, and is low cost.

In terms of iPhone docks, the Elevation Lab CordDock is great. It functions as a traditional charging dock, which you can use one-handed, but it also lets you keep charging while reading in bed. It’s super clever.

This iPhone X leather case from Xcentz comes in stylish colors and is low cost.

Some of the best sunglasses you can buy for under $30, Knockaround has a huge selection of colors, styles, and themes to keep things interesting.


Baron Fig’s Squire Pen feels so luxurious and fun to use. It’s a great addition to your personal collection.

You should check out Whipping Posts’ hardcover notebook to use the Squire with. It even features a pen or pencil holder. 

Looking for a place to hang your tune, Elevation Lab’s Anchor sticks to nearly any surface. It works well for under a desk or cabinet.


You need to give the Gravel dopp as it’s one of the best travel cases for toiletries available. It has a pocket for everything, stays slim, and can hang from a door.

The next time you buy a cup or water bottle, make sure it’s insulated. You shouldn’t feel the cold and there shouldn’t be condensation on the outside of a bottle. Hydro Flask and Yeti both provide outstanding options. Yeti’s Tumbler even includes a sliding magnetic lid. 

If you travel and stay in random places, like AirBnBs, you should have a travel set of sheets for sketchy beds. More like a thin sleeping bag than traditional sheets, the ones from Cocoon even include a pillow insert.


Need a portable battery? Belkin has a new option which can charge via Lightning which means less cables to bring along.

If you want more productivity accessories, check out The Digital Hype’s round up of pens, notebooks, and more.

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Fresh Friday: Ant-Man And The Wasp In Theaters, Plus New Music From Years & Years

fresh friday june


Pop sensation Years & Years has a new album. Justin Timberlake is lobbying for song of the summer with the new single, “SoulMate.”

Future released the surprise album BEASTMODE 2.

On the alternative side, We The Kings is still going strong with Six. Arizona put out the single, “Summer Days.”

For lesser known music, discover new releases from Nightly, Kylie Rothfield, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, and Mom Jeans.


The summer of Marvel continues with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Despite being a second-class super hero, lessen known to most, Paul Rudd killed it in the first film. Here’s hoping this sequel is as hilarious as the last movie.

Other things this week

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Productivity Overload: Must See Notebooks, Pens, And Organization

These are the best options for people looking for new notebooks, pens, or organizational items to elevate their productivity. You could find a pen anywhere, but after you’ve used a finely crafted writing instrument, it’s hard to go back to any old Bic.


  • Baron Fig’s Squire Pen is an excellent pen which is perfectly balanced, weighted, and neat looking. There’s also a click-button version of the Squire which runs a little bit cheaper, but doesn’t quite have the same look.
  • Squire may be a classic in the making, but the Fisher Space Pen is already a classic and hard to beat for that study, go-to pen. It even writes upside down (obligatory  Seinfeld reference).


  • Despite Moleskine’s long history, Field Notes has become the first thought in personal carry notebooks. In addition to quality pages, the quarterly themes are a fun way to mix things up. The current space notebooks are especially exciting.
  • Rhodia is constantly heralded as one of the highest quality paper notebooks. Like all the other competitors, Rhodia offers a variety of size and styles, but the classics shine for a reason.
  • For a hardcover, lay-flat option, Baron Fig has the Confidant. Available in multiple size, the Confidant is a great hardcover option for a reasonable price.


  • In terms of desk items, Baron Fig’s Mastermind is a neat way to keep your notes in front of you. They also offer an alternative to Sticky Notes with the Nomad. It comes in a graph option as well.
  • Got a lot of cables laying on your desk? Check out Bluelounge’s CableDrop Multi for a sensible solution.
  • Bellroy has a really nice leather notebook case which also fits a tablet, business cards, and a few miscellaneous items. If you’d rather something simpler, Bellroy’s Pencil Case is also handy for collecting your items.


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This Is How Apple And Spotify Should Improve Their Streaming Music Services

There are a lot of things Apple and Spotify can do to improve their streaming music services, but trying to encourage more discovery is the most salient.

The biggest “problem” with both Apple Music and Spotify remains discoverability. How do you take the world’s collection of music, and boil it down so that people don’t feel overwhelmed? After all, people are paying for 30 million+ songs, they want to move beyond just the handful of albums they listen to regularly.

Listen to more music

There’s curated playlists (think Spotify’s Discover Weekly) or dedicated radio (think Beats 1 internet radio station), but still, people need more help finding new music to listen to–especially in certain moments.

The answer is to continually let people know when artists they’ve liked in the past, do new things in the future. From there, you can branch people out to similar artists and bring in music around activities. First, though, you have to create the habit in people to want new music–and look for it.

If you’ve added an artist, album, or song to your library there’s a 99-percent chance you want to know when that artist puts out new music. This should be very obvious to everyone, but it’s not quite yet.

Apple does have this feature buried in the “For You” section of its music app, but it’s still limited. Record Bird is a good example of an app that already does this and do it really well too. Record Bird will let you know when artists you follow put out music videos, do interviews, or release new music.

Advanced options

Beyond some of those simpler items, it would be great to see more sophisticated algorithms as well. Keeping track of artists you’ve listened to more than once, but never included in your library. Or, artists your friends have listened to, which are similar to artists you do have in your library.

Once a streaming music service has covered all the items it can guarantee you’ll like, it can move on to more educated guesses about things it’s not sure about. Since streaming music services make their money from recurring revenue, it’s important to keep providing that recurring value to customers. Increasing discoverability is probably the easiest thing a service can do.

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The Best Apps To Download This Week

Looking for a few new apps to try? We’ve rounded up some new ones which may be helpful in your day-today use, or just a fun new social network to try. Be the first of your friends to be in the know!

No Twitter ads

Advertised as Twitter without all the junk, Readme is a streamlined Twitter experience that cleans out the ads, the moments, and trends. Readme is for those looking for a limited and more focused Twitter.

Productive links

For the marketers out there, JotURL is packing features into one shareable link. had been the previous king of short and custom links, but JotURL looks to be trying to out do the incumbent with all types of analytics and ways to add value.

Android to-do

There’s no shortage of to-do apps, but it’s always tempting to try a new one, right? Beezee is only for Android right now and aims at cutting all the cruft. It’s designed to be super minimal and focus on the tasks at hand.

Social movie-goer 

MustApp is like Facebook or Twitter, but just focused around movies. Niche social networks are a hard nut to crack, but MustApp is well designed and focuses on tracking movies you want to see, movies you’ve seen, and sharing that information with others.

Safer web browsing

Keepsafe just announced its new browser which it says will block online ad trackers, social networks, and analytic companies. The app will also provide a more private experience than the default browsers will incognito tabs and a security pin to lock it. The new app is available on both iPhone and Android.

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Cut The Cord: Wireless Portable Batteries That Charge By Touch

Portable batteries are a utility we hope ultimately becomes obsolete. But, for the time being, they’re pretty crucial when we need extra juice, and enable us to do a lot of things that weren’t possible before.

But beyond saving us when we’re in a power pinch, portable batteries are becoming gadgets in their own right–going wireless. Meaning: you don’t need any cables or cords in order to use it.

What’s so cool about a wireless portable battery?

No more cord clutter

These wireless-charging portable batteries mean that you no longer need to carry a lightning cable to charge your iPhone, and a Micro USB cable to charge the portable battery.

Freedom from outlets
– Wireless chargers are neat, but they still need to be plugged into an outlet to get power. These wireless portable batteries mean you can truly charge your phone anywhere.

Meta charging

A wireless portable battery can also be recharged wirelessly. Instead of needing to plug the battery into an outlet to recharge, you can place it on a wireless charging pad.

Multiple charging options

Perhaps the best thing about these new portable batteries is that you can still charge with a cable if you want. Wireless portable batteries are not getting rid of their ports, they’re just adding the wireless charging capability into the mix. They’re becoming super batteries.

It’s not all rainbows and ponies, but don’t worry

Consider these things.

Added size and weight

Right now, wireless portable batteries tend to be a little thicker and heavier than non-wireless batteries because of the extra hardware required inside.

No stow-and-go

With a charging cable, you can tether your phone to the battery and drop it in a purse or backpack. Not so with wireless portable batteries. The phone will slide around and not stay planted on the induction charging point.

Slower charging

Wireless charging can be slower than charging with a cable. iPhones can currently only charge up to 7.5W, which makes it just a tad faster than charging with the (minimum) 5W plug that comes with the phone.

But don’t let these minor sticking points deter you. Wireless portable batteries are still far more useful and interesting than non-wireless ones.